FTMM NEWS – The role of photovoltaics is very large in modern life, in addition to being an alternative to fossil energy, photovoltaics will also have an impact on green energy as an effort to protect the earth from the adverse effects of fossil energy. Maximizing solar energy output through photovoltaics is important to meet the demand for alternative energy. The fulfilled demand will create energy independence through green technology, namely photovoltaics. One of the factors is the effect of peak sun hour.

The Effect of Peak Sun Hour

Peak sun hours are key in determining how efficiently and productively a photovoltaic system can operate. The pattern of peak sun hour in a region are critical to the planning and design of solar panel installations. Furthermore, peak sun hours are periods where the intensity of sunlight reaches its highest level in a day, which means solar panels will receive maximum solar radiation. By knowing when and where peak sun hours occur, engineers can optimize the orientation, tilt, and location of solar panels to maximize energy reception. Peak sun hours allow engineers to develop more effective energy management strategies. For example, by storing energy during peak sunlight hours and then use it when sunlight intensity decreases or when energy demand increases, solar power generation systems can operate more stably and efficiently.

Indonesia, as a tropical country located on the equator, has enormous solar potential throughout the year. The high intensity of sunlight and long peak sun hours allow solar panels to generate energy efficiently. Indonesia has shown a commitment to developing renewable energy infrastructure, including solar photovoltaic energy. Increased investment in solar technology and related research is enabling the adoption of more efficient and affordable technologies, as well as addressing challenges related to fluctuations in energy productivity.

By. Antik Widi Anugrah

Article source: https://doi.org/10.11591/eei.v11i5.3962

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